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Scholarship Requests

The Kim's Academy Black Belt Association Financial Assistance Request Form is to be used to request financial assistance from the Kim's Academy Black Belt Association (KABBA). You may use this form to request financial assistance for any purpose that will positively reflect on the Kim's Academy name, and will further education or knowledge about Kim's Academy of Tae Kwon Do. Further instructions are contained within the form.

Submit form by email to KABBA_scholarship@yahoo.com or to any KABBA Officer or Scholarship Coordinator (Nicole VanNatta).

The KABBA board will determine if the request fits into one of two categories or will be denied.

The two categories are as follows:
  1. KABBA Funded - KABBA determines that funds are available and the request is appropriate to be funded by KABBA.
  2. Privately Funded - KABBA determines that the request is valid, however KABBA funds will not be used to support. This scholarship will be funded by private donations.

Please note that while all requests are encouraged and will be considered, not all requests may be granted. Please have a back up plan in case your request is not granted due to time or financial constraints.

Scholarship Donations

To donate to a specific scholarship request or to the general scholarship fund, email KABBA_scholarship@yahoo.com.

Privately Funded scholarship requests will be published in the Black Belt Newsletter. The requestor's personal information will not be listed.