Black Belt Training Event – January 25th, 2020

Attention all Black Belts!

KABBA is pleased to announce the next training event that every Black Belt should find beneficial as they advance through Dan ranks.

When: Saturday, January 25th, at 11:00am – 04:00pm.
Where: Kim’s Academy Main School, 1617 South Longfellow

The cost is $5 (exact change only), but KABBA members get in free.  If you would to join KABBA, visit the KABBA page.  For questions or to reserve your spot, please RSVP to  You can also RSVP online using this link.  The following classes will be offered during the event:

Sparring Techniques – Master Ken Louis, 5th Dan Master Instructor
When is the right time to take a step back on the mat? When is the right time to try a back kick? If you don’t know, Master Louis will be sharing fundamentals of sparring and the most effective drills for instructors to help students practice footwork to move around the ring.

Korean Terminology – Grandmaster Joon Y. Kim, 9th Dan Grandmaster Instructor
Go beyond “charyiot “ and “joon-bi.” In this class, Grandmaster Kim will give an overview of Korean terms relating to taekwondo techniques.

Teaching Self-Defense – Sr. Master Dany Monares, 6th Dan Master Instructor
Not a Self-Defense skills class, but a chance to learn how to structure a class for the non martial arts person. Master Monares teaches.

Specialty Kicks – Mr. John Bozeki, 3rd Dan Instructor
Take your demo planning to the next level. Mr. Bozeki brings the “WOW” to this class that displays high-flying, super-rotating, viral video-making kicks. Along with teaching the techniques, the class will include direction to help instructors teach the moves to their students.

Running a test – Sr. Master Josh Mostowitz, 6th Dan Master Instructor
Do you know what the Masters up front want to see during a test? Curious about which techniques need to be ready when? Master Mostowitz will go over running a test, from basic to advanced techniques, and how to prepare students for a successful test experience.

You can download a flyer for the event here, and a summary of these classes is provided here.