Status on Kim’s Academy Reopening

COVID-19 Precautions: Updated May 29, 2020

Kim’s Academy of Taekwondo is committed to the health and safety of all students and instructors. In an effort to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and promote social distancing, Kim’s Academy will adhere to Governor Kelly’s reopening plan, Ad Astra: A Plan to Reopen Kansas.

Governor Kelly has announced that the state plan will move into modified Phase 2 on May 22, and the Kim’s Academy Main School will resume classes for students enrolled at the Main School on Tuesday, May 26. Because of the size of the dojong, Grandmaster Kim will need to limit class sizes, for now, to 12 students. Students enrolled and attending the Main School should call to confirm there is room in a class. 

There will be NO CLASSES at the main school on Memorial Day, May 25.

Parents will be asked to remain in their cars, to allow space for students.  The number of training pads available for class will be limited.  Each time a training pad (focus pads, body shields, wave master, etc) is used, it will be required to be cleaned before the next class. Cleaning of the facility will need to occur between classes to limit the spread of the virus.  If you do NOT feel well, please stay home, even if you think you just have a cold.  Grand Master Kim is in the vulnerable age group, as are many Kim’s Academy instructors. 

Students who wish to wear masks, gloves, or other protective equipment, may do so. Hand sanitizer will be available but you are welcome to bring your own. Please check any announcements from the Governor regarding Phase 2 restrictions. 


Main School Restrictions

Regular Main School classes are for students enrolled at the Main School only. Please follow these restrictions when attending class.

  1. Class size limited to 12 people.
  2. No observers. Parents please wait outside the building.
  3. No changing facilities. Please arrive in your dobak. Locker Room is for restroom use only.
  4. Bring your own water bottle.

There will be an online sign-up for students who wish to attend Black Belt Class and Saturday Family Class. You MUST sign up in advance to attend these classes. Sparring Class will not resume at this time.

Black Belt Class (begins May 27) Sign Up Here

Family Class (begins May 23) Sign Up Here

For those students attending a branch school, you should watch for communication from the branch.  Since many of the branch schools are located in “host” facilities, such as churches and the YMCA, they will be required to adhere to the requirements of those locations. Some of these locations may not open classes immediately. Please contact your branch school for detailed information on health/distancing requirements to attend class. A list of known branch statuses is listed below.

Branch School Status

Branch School Status
Ascension Lutheran Church Classes have resumed.
Acrobatic Academy Classes have resumed.
Bel Aire Rec Center Classes are being held via Zoom through May and will start in-person classes in June.
Derby Rec Center – Oaklawn Classes start June 18.
Newton Rec Center Classes begin June 1st and only Monday/Wednesday 6pm-7pm will be offered until further notice.  Class size is limited to 10 students and will need to check-in at the front desk.  Additionally, students will only be able to pay single class drop-in fee until further notice.  (Information updated 05/29/20 @11pm).
All YMCA Facilities Will open May 18 but will NOT reopen Taekwondo classes at this time.

For information on branch schools not listed, please contact the branch directly.


Class Health Guidelines

Each student and family should make their own decision on attending classes. For those choosing to attend classes, please follow these guidelines.

  1. Do not attend class if you are sick or exhibit any symptoms.
  2. Wash or sanitize your hands before and after class, and at any class breaks.
  3. Do not shake hands. Instead, bow to other students/instructors.
  4. Cover your mouth if you cough, using your elbow if possible. Leave class to wash your hands if you need to cover your mouth with your hand.
  5. Wash your dobak or workout clothes after each class.


Visit the CDC website for further recommendations.

The details of the Ad Astra Plan can be found at

We look forward to seeing you in class as soon as possible.