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The development of athletes and coaches at any level requires systematic and simultaneous processes.  To achieve this, USA Taekwondo has created a Coach Identification and Development Program (CIDP), whose mission is to develop USAT coaches at all levels through education, standardization, and professionalization within a comprehensive coaching program in the pursuit of sustained international competitive excellence.  To provide a clear pathway for coaches, USAT has identified several phases of development and certification which are detailed below.  If you have questions about any of the content on this page please email

Associate Coaches

Passing the USA Taekwondo Associate Coach Quiz is the first step in the USAT Coach Identification and Development Program (CIDP). The Associate Coach Quiz is offered online. Once a coach has passed the Associate Coach Quiz, they are considered an Associate Coach and are eligible to coach-from-the-chair at USA Taekwondo sanctioned events for color belts and non-world class black belts.

Click here to download a document with instructions on how to get an Associate Coach Certification.

Kim’s Academy Black Belts who currently have an Associate Coach Certification include:


Level 1 Coaches

Following the Associate Coach Certification, the next step in the Coach Identification & Development Program certification process is the Level 1 – Introducing Sport Taekwondo seminar, which is designed for coaches who wish to gain further technical competencies and be introduced to the national coaching standards. Level 1 certification is required for members who plan to coach in the World-Class Cadet (12-14) division or the Junior (15-17) & Senior (17-32) year old Black-Belt Divisions at the USAT National Championships and USAT Team Trials.

The Level 1 Seminar is conducted in a classroom setting by members of the USA Taekwondo National Coaching Pool and is not available online. The Level 1 Seminar schedule is published on this page as well as the USAT Events Calendar as dates are confirmed. Please note that, while USA Taekwondo does attempt to hold Level 1 Seminars around the country, it is sometimes necessary for coaches to travel to a Level 1 Seminar to receive their Level 1 Certification. USA Taekwondo hosts Level 1 Seminars at the USAT National Championships and at the USAT Team Trials. If you require a Level 1 Certification to coach at either of those events, you can take the course that is offered at the event and will be promoted to Level 1 in time to coach the next day.

Kim’s Academy Black Belts who currently have a Level 1 Certification include:


Level 2 Coaches

Level 2 introduces the coach to sports science and coaching principles to maximize the development of athletes in the sport of Olympic-style taekwondo. The curriculum builds upon the knowledge provided in Level 1 by incorporating the proper application and analysis of Taekwondo techniques and tactics. The Level 2 seminar also consists of modules contributed by the United States Olympic Committee to provide our coaches with cutting edge information. The topics that will be covered in this enlightening seminar will include designing Taekwondo periodization plans, sport psychology, and the basics of strength and conditioning.

Kim’s Academy does not currently have any Black Belts who have a Level 2 Certification.

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