tenet is a principle, belief, or doctrine held in common by members of an organization, movement, or profession.  Taekwondo has five tenets that every student should know and be able to explain.


In my action and deeds I will show courtesy and respect for:

  1. Grandmaster Joon Y. Kim
  2. All Senior and Junior Students at Kim’s Academy
  3. All Taekwondo practitioners when and wherever met
  4. All in my family, police, fire and any and all persons placed in authority over or with me


I will have Integrity in all things that I say:

  1. When I talk to, and about Grandmaster Joon Y. Kim or Kim’s Academy of Taekwondo
  2. So that all who meet me need not ask whether I am honest and above reproach


I will develop the determination to:

  1. Accomplish any and all tasks that I desire
  2. All tasks reasonable assigned to me
  3. To continue my training at Kim’s Academy with my goals always in view

Self Control

I will train myself to exercise Self Control:

  1. At all times; Realizing that as my training continues this Self Control will come naturally, because of my increased skills
  2. In my communication and actions with all who I talk to
  3. Allowing me to be relaxed and confident at all times, even in times of stress and turmoil

Indomitable Spirit

As my training continues I will develop:

  1. The confidence to realize I can be in control in all situations making me invincible to others fears and problems
  2. The ability to Preserver with the determination that makes all around me recognize me as a natural leader
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