rank represents a level of progress for students of martial arts. Colors can vary between disciplines, and even within disciplines from country to country or school to school. Kim’s Academy uses the following belt ranks.

White Belt

White signifies the innocence and purity of a beginning student that has no prior Taekwondo knowledge.

Yellow Belt

Yellow signifies a plant’s recognition of its dependence on the sun for growth and the earth from which the plant takes root. Accordingly students acknowledge their dependence on Taekwondo as his/her foundation of knowledge is being started.

Green Belt

Green signifies growth, the same way a plant breaks through the soil, ready to reach it’s full potential. At this stage, the student’s Taekwondo skills beginning to develop.

Blue Belt

Blue signifies heaven and represents a plant reaching towards the sky, as the Taekwondo training progresses.

Red Belt

Red signifies danger or blood, and cautions the student to exercise control while warning the opponent to stay away.

Black Belt

The opposite of white; it symbolizes no fear of the dark. It also signifies maturity and proficiency in Taekwondo. There are nine degrees (Dan) of Black belt.

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