• When entering the Dojang, locate and acknowledge the highest belt first
  • Bow at the waist with the right hand at a 90 degree angle when shaking hands
  • Acceptable to place left hand under the right elbow or to place the left hand against your abdomen
  • Refer to Black Belts as Mr, Ms, Sir, Ma’am or Master
  • Lining up for class begins with the highest ranking Belt at the Right Front facing the flags. Belts of equal rank should always allow the person with the most tenure or age to be on their right
  • Adjust your place in line if a higher Belt arrives or you are in the wrong place
  • The Masters and Jr. Masters should be vigilant and advise the lower belts on all aspects of Courtesy


  • Grandmaster Kim – When first entering or leaving the Dojang
  • When addressing ranks higher than yours (Generally Blue Belt & above)
  • In acknowledgement to someone teaching you a technique or form
  • When entering or leaving the work out area of the Dojang (Face the flags)
  • Beginning and ending ceremonies of class or testing (Face the flags)


  • Traditional cross tie Doback top for Black Belt class or Tests and Ceremonies.
  • V-neck allowed for regular classes, demos and Tournaments
  • Only Dobacks with the Kim’s logo should be worn in the Dojang, unless approved by Grandmaster Kim
  • All Dobacks should have the “Flag” & “Kim’s” patches attached to the front
  • The only time a belt should touch the floor is when it is being worn


  • All Black Belts (other than Masters) should be in uniform
  • Sit cross-legged with your back against the wall in order of belts, high to low, tenure to age
  • No jewelry, watches, earrings or rings…Religious necklaces may be worn if under an article of clothing. (This is for safety reasons)
  • No water bottles or drink holders on the floor
  • Beverage Coolers are primarily for the Masters and Black Belts in uniform
  • All Black Belts are expected to participate in sparring and board-holding
  • Black Belts, with the help of Black Tips, are required to set up and dismantle for test
  • All Black Belts and Black Tips are required to attend and HELP with Tournament set up and tear down
  • All Black belts and Black tips are required to have competed in at least one tournament before being allowed to test for higher rank. Competition can be sparring or forms


  • When formally addressing Grandmaster Kim, bow and say, “Kwan Jang Nim.” Then add: “Annyo’ng Ha’seyo.” (Hello, How are you Sir?)
  • f He is leaving add: “Annyo’ng Ka’seyo” (short “a” sound)
  • If You are leaving add: “Annyo’ng KA’seyo” (long “A” sound)
  • When Thanking a Master, bow and say, “Sabum Nim, Kam Sa Hamnida!”
  • When Thanking an Instructor below Junior Master, “Kam Sa Hamnida!”
  • Please, “Put’ak Hamnida!”
  • Sorry, “Mian Hamnida!”
  • Thank You, “Kam Sa Hamnida!”
  • You’re Welcome, “Chunman Yaeyo!”
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