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Kim’s Academy students are expected to learn the terminology associated with various aspects of taekwondo.  This section provides a reference to terminology most commonly used in our school, and is divided into several categories.  When you select a category below you will be presented with several terms or phrases.  For each term or phrase you’ll be given the term in Korean spelled out, or you can hear it by clicking on the far right icon.

관장 님Grandmaster Instructorgwanjang nim
사범 님Master Instructorsabeom nim
교산 님Instructorgyosan nim
조기 님Assistant Instructorjogyo nim

차렷Attentioncha yeot
경려ㅣBowkyeong rye
춘비Readychoon be
시작Beginshi jak
기합Yellki yap
바로Return to Readyba ro
뒤로돌아Turn Arounddwilo dola

주줌서기horse riding stancejuchum segoi
앞굽이front stanceap kubi
앞서기 walking stanceap segoi
back stance
법서기tiger stancebeom segoi

막기blockmak gi
아래막기down blockarae mak gi
바깥 막기in to out blockbakkat mak gi
안막기out to in blockan mak gi

앞차기 front kickap cha-gi
옆차기 side kickyeop cha-gi
앞도려차기round house kickap dolyeo cha-gi

등주먹Back Fistdeung jumeog
메주먹Hammer Fistme jumeog

안녕 하세요Hello, how are you?annyeong haseyo
감사합니더Thank you sirkamsa hamni da

다섯Fiveda seot
여섯Sixyeo seot
일곱Sevenill gop
여덟Eightyuh deol
아홉Nineah hop
열하나Elevenyeol hana
열둘Twelveyeol dul
열셋Thirteenyeol seht
열넷Fourteenyeol neht
열다섯Fifteenyeol da seot
열여섯Sixteenyeol yeo seot
열일곱Seventeenyeol ill gop
열여덟Eighteenyeol yuh deol
열아홉Nineteenyeol ah hop