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Black Belt Poomsae’s

The Kukkiwon offers an exceptional library of instructional videos meticulously detailing each Black Belt poomsae. Each video is meticulously structured, offering comprehensive sections including an overview, key move descriptions, breakdown of segments, and a final review. Navigate through this invaluable resource by selecting your desired Black Belt poomsae from the dropdown menu below. You’ll have the option to view each section individually for a comprehensive learning experience.

Additionally, for practitioners testing for 6th Dan and above, there’s a curated selection of videos covering fundamental movements required for demonstration.

If you’re accessing the content via a mobile device, we recommend rotating it horizontally and clicking the box in the lower right corner adjacent to the “YouTube” text to enjoy the videos in fullscreen mode.

Pyeongwon - Poomsae

Pyeongwon - Key Moves

Pyeongwon - Explanation of Parts

Pyeongwon - Review

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