Kim’s Academy students are expected to learn the terminology associated with various aspects of taekwondo.  This section provides a reference on what each belt rank is expected to know.  Select from one of the belt ranks in the menu below.  For each term or phrase you’ll be given the term in Korean spelled out, or you can hear it by clicking on the far right icon.

Yellow/Green Belt

아래Low SectionArae
올굴Upper Sectionolgui
몸통 지르기Middle Punchmomtong jireugi
뒤로돌아Turn Arounddwilo dola
시작Beginshi jak
앞굽이front stanceap kubi
앞차기Front Kickap cha gi
옆차기Side Kickyeop cha gi
앞도려차기round house kickap dolyeo cha-gi
아래막기down blockarae mak gi
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